We are striving to promote local athletes in the region (IA, MN, WI, SD & ND) by providing a competition exclusive to residents of those states. Our different brackets allow you a more accurate placement in the region!

The finals event will have $12K in prizes and money. All you need to do is compete in one of our qualifiers this pilot season to see if you have what it takes to make it to the finals.

We want to crown the Regional Champions!



FINALS December 7&8 @ Ninjas United

Registration opens November 5th. Must register before November 18th or lose your place to another waitlist athlete. 



One gym is allowed per state in the region. Currently, launching this pilot season, we have:

Ninjas United (for Minnesota)

605 Ninja Academy (for South Dakota)

Ninja / U (for Iowa)

Residents of one state can compete in another as long as they live in one of the five states within the region. For example: Iowans can compete in Minnesota. 

With 3 of the 5 states being represented, residents from all 5 states can still compete in NCNS. For example, Wisconsin athletes can compete even though no current gym in that state is hosting a qualifier. 



Qualifiers for Season 1 

August 24 (Saturday) @ Ninjas United

September 28 (Saturday) @ 605 Ninja Academy

October 26 (Saturday) @ Ninja / U



FINALS December 7&8 @ Ninjas United

Registration opens November 5th. Must register before November 18th or lose your place to another waitlist athlete. 



The basic competition format.

- 5-minute time limit

- Points for each obstacle completed

- Half points for halfway on each obstacle.

- If you fail an obstacle, you continue to the next and receive 0 points or the halfway points, whichever applies. Your points still accumulate throughout the course.

- You must reside in one of the five states that make the region.

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6 & 7 female
6 & 7 male
8 & 9 female
8 & 9 male
10 & 11 female
10 & 11 male

12-14 female
12-14 male
15-17 female
15-17 male

18-34 amateur female
18-34 amateur male
18-34 pro

35-44 masters female
35-44 masters male
45+ masters

Note: for the Finals, those brackets with only one competitor will be put into a bracket close to their age/designation.



 The top 3 finishers of each bracket, regardless of how many are in each bracket, will receive a guaranteed pass to the finals in December. The other competitors (4th place and down) will be ranked against all the other competitors from each different NCNS qualifier. By November 1st, we will list the competitors that ranked high enough throughout the competitive series to get their pass to the December finals. Mark your calendar for Dec 6-8 (one day for your bracket). Your chances are very high that you’ll qualify for finals when all qualifier events have finished and we compare the results.

EXAMPLE: Jon Doe places 5th in his 6-7 boys bracket and so he does not receive a guaranteed pass. However, he did very well against amazing kids his age. He waits until all the other qualifiers are done for the season. He learns his performance is good enough among all the other qualifying events that he receives a second chance to compete in our (NCNS) finals!

This method of qualifying allows for the pressure of trying for the guaranteed pass, and takes into account that some qualifiers will have much more experienced athletes in some brackets. We really want to highlight the best talent in the entire North Central region. We feel this works to balance out any inconsistencies from qualifier to qualifier.

Determining The Finals Run Order and Point Awards


 To keep competitor run order for The Series Finals fair and clear, we are establishing a point-total advantage. Those that accumulate the most points from NCNS qualifiers will run last for their finals bracket in December. It is advantageous then for competitors to participate in as many NCNS qualifiers as possible.

Example: Athlete A goes to three different qualifiers and amasses a total of 100pts from all three. Now, Athlete B goes to one qualifier and earns 40pts, but does not attend more NCNS qualifiers. At the finals event in December, Athlete A will have the advantage and go after Athlete B in run order.

We want to grow the community, this allows for that as well as makes the finals run order fair.

Lastly, those that have high points from the series will receive a series gift. 

Please schedule all your qualifiers! Not only will you increase series points, but you will be more mentally and physically prepared for The Fin